Website Resources

Welcome to the resources page. Here you find a curated list of my favorite tools and resources to rocket-launch a new web-project.


1. Siteground – WordPress Hosting

Siteground is my #1 resource for WordPress hosting. There are many Companies out there offering a similar service, but if you take a closer look, the differences lay in the details. Since I wasn’t satisfied with my previous service, I took the time for the project, to compare price points and performance in regard to the details that matter most to me, like uptime, speed, reputation, service and security.

In my experience, Siteground is the perfect fit for small and early stage web projects and can even be upgraded if your Website is about to take off. is also hosted by Siteground and my experience is amazing so far. Totally reliable and fast with a remarkable price point in comparison to the service you receive in return. Certainly, Siteground comes with a super easy WordPress auto-installation for a quick start.


2. Namecheap – Domain Registration

Namecheap is my #1 source for buying domain names. (Personally, I like to keep domains separate from WordPress hosting.) Namecheap’s Service makes it very easy to find the perfect domain name and to register it in a few simple steps.

Their intuitive and super easy approach to domain registration got me hooked right away. I love it when a great service is wrapped up in a smooth design with a super pleasant user experience. The process of registering your own Domain is a great feeling anyway, since it is the definite start of a journey.



3. Themeforest – WordPress Themes

Themeforest is my first starting point when I am on the lookout to find a new design for a WordPress website. They provide more than 10.000 WordPress themes for every kind of website (ranging from blog to portfolio to company website). Themeforest is the #1 marketplace for WordPress themes, where professional web-developers present their themes to the world. They offer an enormous amount with a vast variety of designs and they are adding up more items every single day.

However, the search for your perfect theme can quickly become like finding the needle in a haystack. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself sitting down for hours, browsing through designs while comparing options, appearance, and functionality. For that reason, I created as your shortcut and put together some careful selections of all types of great themes that match especially the needs of an Architect for nearly every web-project you might want to pursue.



5. Jetpack – WordPress Plugin



6. iA Writer – Writing

Whenever I need to focus on the combination of deep thinking and writing I open iA Writer to get my thoughts in the right order. The essentials are a monospace font, a gray background, and a blue cursor, that’s it. Being a person who loves the consistent reduction to what is really necessary, I appreciate the elimination of noise and disruptions to a soothing plain surface.

For every piece of content I create, I use iA Writer.


7. Moleskine Notebook – Brainstorming & Journaling 

The whole concept for started in my Moleskine and became reality through the resources mentioned above. As an Architect, I really love Notebooks to write down all kinds of ideas and thoughts that come to my mind during the day and sometimes even at night. Despite having all the digital products around me, I love taking notes with a pencil. A notebook gives me the perfect freedom to sketch around, get all the messy thoughts out of my head and collect ideas in one place.


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