13 Best CV Portfolio WordPress Themes for your Architecture Resume #02

A carefully crafted architecture resume is a powerful tool for everybody who’s on the lookout to stand out of the crowd.

Especially, when the resume appears as an appealing website that can easily be shared with the world and be viewed on any device at any given time.


Create an architecture resume that blows everybody away

The following WordPress themes will make you look great online. Each of them provides a stunning architecture resume website through a clean and thoughtful design. The only things left, are your personal information and projects to create your individual profile. Every theme is designed with care and has the potential to create an impressive architecture resume around your person and your personality. The themes are customizable, hence feel free to change colors, fonts, and images to create a resume that fits your personality.


Why an Architecture Resume Website?


First, it shows your individual dedication and commitment to put in the effort to create a website. That alone is beneficial because it shows that you don’t leave anything to chance. When someone types in yourname.com and your resume shows in a careful design next to your face – that is impressive. Maybe you gave someone the address on a business card during a conference. Maybe you wrote it down on a napkin the day before in a bar. Either way, sharing your online resume is fun and simple at the same time. On top, potential clients, employer, whatsoever will be impressed by your professional forward-thinking approach.


Second, by putting together a mind-blowing Architecture Resume Website with WordPress, you show everybody that you have relevant knowledge of modern technologies. It doesn’t matter what your profession is! Whether you are an architect or a personal assistant, everybody is supposed to know how the web works – at least in a fundamental kind of way. Creating a website with WordPress is pretty straightforward, but the outcome will blow everybody away.

We are in a digital age. Being able to connect your offline profession with relevant knowledge of the online world is an appreciated skill. The magic often times happens when knowledge of two totally different professions can be brought together. That can be achieved through a big picture perspective on both fields. New things can arise in the points of intersections. Broaden your view, be curious, show your willingness to familiarize with new things and technologies.


Every future employer appreciates forward-thinking architects with an entrepreneurial mindset. Take the initiative and put yourself out there with an architecture resume website.



Third, the design of your architecture resume says something about you. Specifically, it says something about your values. The design you choose, the pictures you use and the projects you show in your architecture resume will communicate something between the lines. Be aware of that and put in the work to create something that represents your way of thinking and your approach to design.


Other ways?

Admittedly, there are other ways to put your CV out into the world without creating a website. But do they lead to the same desired results? Sure, you could be listed on LinkedIn with a shiny, professional profile picture – just as everybody else. Your ability to differentiate is close to zero. That isn’t a huge win for creative people who shine through their individuality skillset and creativity. A uniformed platform might not lead to much success. Apart from this, architecture firms might not recruit that much over LinkedIn anyway. On the other side, being able to put out a link to your own architecture resume website on your LinkedIn Profile can be one of many outlets to distribute your resume.


The standard approach

What is the old way of letting people know about your resume or portfolio? Well, the standard approach would be to craft a document with InDesign. Then, create a PDF that has good quality without reaching to many megabytes. Trying to get somebodies email address. Finally, send the PDF to their inbox. As one of the hundreds of emails, you hope that your email with the valuable attachment doesn’t sink down in a crowded inbox. On top, you never know whether the person who’s in charge is in the mood and has the time to check your PDF portfolio with dignity during a busy workday. Furthermore, you never know which device is used to open the PDF and in that regard, you don’t know if it shows as intended in relation to the screen size.


Benefits of an Architecture Resume Website

Wow, that sounds … well, like a headache for everyone. What about this approach: You buy a domain like yourname.com and build an online architecture resume. Now, the distribution of the link is much more dynamic and enjoyable for everyone.

You can cast a wide net by putting the link to your CV Portfolio on different recruiting platforms, share it via Facebook, print it with bold letters on a business card, call people by phone and simply tell them what to type into their web browser, let other people share your link on social media, attach it to your Instagram account. There are tons of possibilities to gain attention for your resume online and offline.  In any case, you can share your link immediately.

At any networking event, you simply hand over a business card with yourname.com on it. After a great conversation with a potential employer, give them yourname.com address. In that way, use your Architecture Resume Website to keep up with the first impression you just made without wasting time by sending some PDF a day or two later.


24/7 internet access in our pockets

Nowadays, everybody has a mobile phone on their hands with 24/7 internet access. Many modern and forward-thinking CEO’s run their whole enterprise through their smartphone. Use your Architecture Resume Website as a dynamic and interactive way of modern communication. On top, your resume website adapts seamlessly to the screen size of any device and hence looks perfect from smartphones to 27″ iMac’s.


Build your personal architecture resume website with one of the following CV Portfolio WordPress Themes and win online:


1. Ballard

Responsive CV WordPress Theme

Ballard Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

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Ballard is the perfect CV Portfolio Theme for any Architecture Resume. The Design is minimal and clean, yet modern and beautiful in proportions and typography design. Referring to one of my favorite quotes: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Ballard leaves anything out that is unnecessary. There is nothing left to take away. Finely crafted for creative professionals, this theme is focused on your person and your work. Definitely one of my favorite Resume Themes, because of its minimal approach in times where websites attempt to be as full of information as possible. Ballard makes a bold statement and provides a very modern, stand-out approach for your Architecture Resume.


2. Stockholm

A Genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Stockholm Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

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Stockholm is a multi-faceted WordPress Theme. The Resume Website is only one out of many types of websites you can build with this Theme. For that reason, you have a very high level of flexibility in terms of customization of your personal Resume Website. You have to imagine, that you change the pink photo of the kissing woman against a nice black and white architecture-style portrait of yourself. Everything feels better right? Sometimes you have to go beyond what you see and instead envision what it could be like. With all that given flexibility of the Stockholm Theme, you can create a very individual Architecture Resume. Change colors, photos, typography and add sections to come up with something that fits your personality. In any case, Stockholm is able to adapt to your vision and provides a nice Architecture Resume with many options.


3. Moody

A Modern & Flexible Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Moody Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

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Moody is, again a multi-faceted WordPress Theme, whereby the Resume Website is one possible outcome of the powerful Theme Customization. In any case, Moody provides an online Resume with a strong focus on your CV, Education, and Experience. Besides that, you can showcase some of your best projects and give everybody the opportunity to get in touch easily through a contact form at the end of the page. Moody provides a nicely formatted layout for all your personal information, one scroll at a time. The strong emphasis on your personal CV makes it a perfect resume theme with many options and space for customization.


4. Me

Creative Portfolio & Resume / CV WordPress Theme

Me Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

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Me is a pure CV Portfolio Theme that is utterly focused on your personal information regarding your Resume. It becomes obvious at first sight, that this Theme isn’t shy in terms of the design. It is bold and more colorful than many others, but that makes it special at the same time. Take into account that you can customize a large variety of options and that the colors can be scaled back to more unflashy tints. Anyhow, Me is a great Resume Theme that leaves space for your individual touch of creativity – providing a dynamic CV that can be consumed very smoothly.


5. Dendrite

Creative Portfolio Theme

Dendrite Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

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Dendrite is an absolutely fantastic combination of a portfolio and a resume theme. The clean and minimal design is very architecture like and provides an amazing boundary for your work and personality. The portfolio comes with a bold individual headline. The projects are presented in a beautiful manner and the “about me” page provides personal information like your resume next to a large photo. Small but mighty, Dendrite provides an amazingly simple portfolio combined with personal information. In short, dendrite is an all-around excellent designed theme for your architecture portfolio and resume information.


6. Atmosphere

A Bold, Fresh Portfolio Theme

Atmosphere Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

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Wow, Atmosphere is a stunning and beautifully crafted WordPress theme. From my point of view, it provides the perfect package of a fantastic portfolio, combined with personal information and bold statements. The theme might not primarily be focused on a clean resume, but rather on an interactive presentation of your work and personality. The introduction can be made with a bold signature as the background image and many more options are leading to a large variety of possible customization. The portfolio design is simple but persuading by leaving blank space and focusing on the single project. The typography design is equally beautiful and adds a special touch to the overall great layout. No matter if you want to build a portfolio or a resume, Atmosphere is an excellent theme that lets you stand out!


7. Calafate

Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

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Calafate is one of my favorite themes of all time. I just love the careful design approach, leading to a high-quality website throughout every detail. Calafate is a portfolio theme by nature but can shift the focus to a more personal emphasis – starting with a bold photo and continuing with excellent typography and formatting styles while scrolling down. This theme is one of those rare nuggets you can find under thousands of themes. It is an amazing portfolio, resume and studio theme that is the perfect fit for every architect and creative professional. Typography, layout, images and layering effects make this theme outstanding and special in many ways. Honestly, Calafate is the perfect Architecture Resume and Portfolio theme, at least from my personal point of view!


8. Alecta

A Smart Theme for Creative Agencies and Freelancers

Alecta Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

Learn more / CV Demo / Portfolio DemoAll Demos / Hosting

Alecta is, again, a multi-faceted WordPress Theme and the Resume Website is one possible outcome. In any case, the Resume that Alecta provides is absolutely special through its focus on a beautiful bold typography instead of images. The theme allows you to craft a nice Architecture Resume combined with selected projects by only using text elements. You can provide all your resume information about your education and experience and keep the focus on that. Alecta is a powerful theme with many options and much space for customization. The typography approach is unique and special – and that would look amazing in combination with an architecture type resume.



Creative Portfolio Theme

Werkstatt Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

Learn more / CV Demo / Portfolio DemoAll Demos / Hosting

Werkstatt is, as well, a very powerful WordPress theme with tons of options. The personal website demo provides a solid foundation for everybody who wants to create a beautiful presentation around himself. Bold images, nice typography, and a smooth user experience interweaved with projects and personal information make this theme so special. I love Werkstatt for many reasons, one is the careful design approach. Second it the very high amount of flexibility and the many options for customization. Werkstatt is also one of my first recommendations from the “Best WordPress Portfolio Themes” post that you can find here. In any way, this theme will let you create a stunning Architecture Resume / Portfolio.


10. Dekko

A Vibrant Theme for Agencies and Freelancers

Dekko Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

Dekko is a beautifully creative WordPress Theme that provides many different layouts. One of them is the personal website for creative professionals. The whole layout is based on a static front-page with a bold background image. That image can be a picture of yourself or one of your projects. The left menu provides further links to sub-pages with more detailed information. In that way, the home screen becomes the starting point from where you can distribute further information about your experience, education, and projects. The static front-page approach is somehow similar to an interactive business card and in that way, represents a very individual approach to a personal Resume/Portfolio.


11. Dieter

An Authentic Theme for Artists, Designers, and Creative Agencies

Dieter Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

Learn more / CV Demo / Showcase DemoAll Demos / Hosting

Dieter is a very bright and colorful WordPress Theme. If your projects aren’t that colorful, which is usually not the case in architecture, you might want to fall back on more unflashy colors. Nevertheless, the WordPress Theme provides a nice and well-designed foundation for any Portfolio x Personal Website.
The Theme is mainly not a typical Resume Theme, but rather a combination of a bright Portfolio combined with many opportunities to provide personal information about yourself and your approach to work and life. The Theme is crafted with a special sense of colors, typography, and layout. As I said, take away the pushy colors and you’ll find a beautiful theme with a high amount of care for the many design elements. The different portfolio layout styles, hovering effects, single pages and so on are just amazingly diverse. Dieter offers a high level of customization and enough space for your individual touch. I love the parallax portfolio and many more details of this well-conceived WordPress Theme. The colors might daunt you in the first place, but due to the fact, that the colors are not set in stone, you might appreciate the overall design approach of this special and unique WordPress Portfolio Theme.


12. LevelUp

Responsive Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

LevelUp Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

Learn more / Demo / All Demos / Hosting

LevelUp is a highly multi-faceted WordPress Theme that can serve many purposes. There are more than 60+ different pre-made demos to show how convertible this theme really is. The Resume Website is one possible outcome and referring to the high amount of flexibility, you can customize a lot later on. LevelUp is very well designed and has the ability to create a stunning representation around your person through its many features and portfolio styles. You might want to check out some other demos to get a better sense of what your personal website can become. In any case, the presented demo is a good place to start since it provides a strong professional touch by presenting personal information and a nicely designed portfolio with an overall appealing layout. Your introduction photo might be not that “loud” but since you are in charge of further customization, you are able to come up with a nice online Architecture Resume that represents your individual values.


13. Plate

Creative Agency Theme

Plate Architecture Resume WordPress Theme

To save one of the best for the last – Plate is an exquisite WordPress Theme that is beautifully designed throughout every detail. The Theme design is highly creative and you can feel that everything is crafted with care and love for details and quality-design. The profile page allows you to start your presentation as one possible option and then go on from there with personal information and different portfolio layouts. Plate is not a typical CV/Resume Theme, but from my perspective, the theme serves the demands of architects and creative minds very well. The whole layout in combination with typography and images creates the perfect canvas for architects to throw in their projects and pieces of information and start building a nice CV Portfolio. The whole user experience is great and dynamic, but clean enough to emphasize your work. Plate can serve you as a stunning CV Portfolio that doesn’t look like anything off the rack.


Resume or Portfolio?

You might have asked yourself whether there is a difference between a Portfolio Theme and a Resume Theme. Well, both types of themes provide a portfolio and both can provide information about your person. The distinctive difference is, that a Resume Theme simply focuses more on the Resume/CV part while providing some projects on the side. The Resume Theme puts you – as a creative individual – in the main focus, while a Portfolio Theme aims to put your work in front. In the end, the boundaries of both theme types overlap. Your choice depends solely on your intention of what you want to create.


Start today and reach out to the world

Whether you are considering to use one of those collected and beautiful resume themes or maybe one of our amazing portfolio themes for your future website. Either way, every recommended theme is able to provide a stunning representation of your person and your work.

Hopefully, you found something you like, I’d be happy to see your results and what you’ve built out of the “Best CV Portfolio WordPress Themes for your Architecture Resume”. Feel free to get in touch.

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