The 12 best Architecture WordPress Themes for your Architecture Studio Website #04

Make sure your Architecture Studio looks perfectly great online!

Create a remarkable as well as a rememberable online experience around your Architecture Firm with these 12 Best Architecture WordPress Themes.

As always, this collection emerged out of hundreds of themes that were checked up front and where we put some serious effort into finding the true nuggets.


What makes a good Website?

In a previous post, we already examined what makes a truly good website and in that regard set the criteria necessary to evaluate a great WordPress Theme for an Architecture Studio.

We also compiled “The most innovative best Architecture Websites of 2018″ that might give you some amazing inspiration up front on what a modern Architecture Studio Website could look like.


Best Architecture WordPress Themes

The following Themes are called the best Architecture WordPress Themes since they made it out of hundreds. Whether they made it to the collection or not, depends foremost on their ability to create a modern, contemporary and unique Website for an Architecture Firm that adds a nice user experience and an overall remarkable and rememberable impression.

Every WordPress Theme is special in some way. Some are more playful, some more minimal and elegant and another more conservative. Nevertheless, they all provide everything that’s needed to showcase your Architecture Studio in the best way possible.

As mentioned before, we already set the criteria by which we measure every Theme:

1. Atmosphere
2. Design
3. Space
4. Typography
5. User Experience
6. Functionality


Portfolio or Architecture Studio

You might have noticed, that we made a differentiation between Portfolio Themes and Architecture Studio Themes. Basically, you could also use one of these amazing Portfolio Themes for your Website. But, we find, that often times a Website for an Architecture Studio needs some more functionality since the content might be a little bit more complex. You might want to add a Blog with News, a separate Section to introduce your Team and so on…

Some Portfolio Themes might lack that kind of optionality to extend the website to a more diverse company or studio website. That is why we assessed every Theme with this necessary ability in mind and put together the following Best Architecture WordPress Themes for you.


On the side: A lot of WordPress Themes are specially named “Architecture Theme” or “for Architects” by their creators. Don’t get confused, that alone says nothing about their real ability to create a great Website for Architects (at least in my experience). In my opinion, those Themes often times don’t deliver. What is an “Architecture Theme” supposed to look like? Is an Architect a species where you could make a one fits all design? I don’t think so. Architects are creative human beings and highly individual.

Rather than evaluating by name, we made sure you are all set with a variety of creative and modern WordPress Themes that provide an appropriate surrounding for your work and a contemporary user experience.


The following collection of the best Architecture WordPress Themes reflects that attempt to create a contemporary and creative website, while providing a high amount of flexibility and an overall unique online experience for your Architecture Studio.



1. Ombra

A Versatile Multiconcept WordPress Theme

Ombra - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Ombra is a stunning and amazingly well designed WordPress Theme and it’s easy to say that this is one of the best Architecture WordPress Themes available online. The design quality is absolutely rare and the amount of care that has been put into creating this Theme is sensible. The interaction of bold images and typography is priceless and creates a remarkable online experience. Ombra is a multipurpose WordPress Theme with a large variety of layouts and options. The design is simple and elegant, absolutely contemporary and overall ultra professional. The creators themselves state that their philosophy was “Simplicity plus variety”, which has been totally successful. Ombra offers everything that an Architecture Studio Websites could potentially ask for: Large images, great design, and typography, a great Blog for News, a nicely designed Team-Section and an overall enjoyable online experience.



2. Klin

Multipurpose Portfolio Theme

Klin - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Klin is a beautiful and ultra-flexible multipurpose WordPress Theme with tons of options. The Theme itself offers many different layouts and in that regard offers an incredible amount of flexibility. Nevertheless, the design isn’t cluttered at all. The Theme looks amazingly clean and elegant with nice typography and beautiful compositions of text and images. The overall design comes with nice little hovering and scrolling effects which create an appealing user experience. Pre-made Demos like Agency, Links and Designer show the potential behind Klin and confirm its ability to create a stunning Website for Architects and Creatives. The beautiful and contemporary design paired with the high amount of flexibility makes Klin one of the best Architecture WordPress Themes available online.



3. André

A Contemporary WordPress Theme for Small Business Owners and Creatives

Andre - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Andre is again an ultra-flexible multipurpose WordPress Theme with an overall beautiful design. The Theme allows the creation of many different layouts for any individual purpose and that makes it a perfect choice for any Architecture and Agency Website. The high amount of flexibility leads to a large variety of outcomes. Nevertheless, the quality of design is consistent throughout every detail. The theme combines great typography with a dynamic and more playful design approach, bold images, and nice proportions. The authors themselves state that the philosophy behind André was that “Quality is the best business plan”. This idea manifests itself in the small details which are carried out with care and love for design. The Theme itself provides great possibilities to present your projects in an appealing way and wraps everything up in a contemporary web design, which makes it ultimately one of the best Architecture WordPress Themes.



4. Naix

Creative & High Performance Portfolio WordPress Theme

Naix - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Naix is a high quality, ultra flexible multipurpose Theme with a very modern and creative design approach. The pre-made Demos give you a good feeling of what this Theme has to offer. The design is contemporary and elegant in its combination of typography and images. The large variety of options results in many different potential layouts for your Architecture Studio Website. The different portfolio-styles and project pages provide an enjoyable online experience with bold images and nice text elements. Especially the different designs of the project pages offer some great features.

The overall clean and elegant design language, combined with many options and a consistent quality, makes this Theme the perfect fit for a contemporary Architecture Website and makes it ultimately one of the best Architecture WordPress Themes out there.



5. Calafate

Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Calafate is still one of our all-time favorite creative WordPress Themes. Whether you want to create a Portfolio Website or a Website for an Architecture Studio, this theme is just amazing. The design is elegant and clean, yet contemporary and timeless at the same time. The design confirms that often times it is not about what can be added but rather what can be taken away. The reduced design approach leads to an elegant look and provides the perfect surrounding for architectural projects.  This theme is made especially for Creatives and offers a beautiful design that leads to highly individual websites through further customization. You might want to check out their real-world showcase of websites using Calafate.

Even though this Theme isn’t as flexible as one of the previously mentioned ones (in terms of a multipurpose approach), it is a perfect fit for a modern Architecture Studio Website. Rather than trying to serve many needs, Calafate is focused on creating an incredible online experience for Architects and Creatives and is in that regard quite rightly one of the best Architecture WordPress Themes.



6. Aalto

A Refined Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Aalto- Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Aalto is one of those Themes that seems to be specially made for Architects. As mentioned before, we don’t know whether there can exist a design that is “architect-specific”, but Aalto is indeed very flexible and serves in that regard as a multipurpose theme. The basic layout can adapt to many different needs through a large number of layouts and options. The design is clean and classic and in general focused on images and projects. The overall concept and especially the full-screen project showcase fits perfectly to an Architecture Website. Nevertheless, compared the other Themes, Aalto might lack a bit of a progressive design approach. The overall appearance looks more classic and straight, the typography simple and functional. However, the large interactive project list with full-screen images will really please any piece of Architecture.

Altogether, Aalto is a successful WordPress Theme with great space for your architectural projects. If you resonate with the overall design approach, Aalto is a worthy Architecture Studio Theme with a lot of flexibility.



7. Jekeo

Creative WordPress Theme

Jekeo - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Jekeo is a refreshing WordPress Theme with a more playful and colorful design approach. The theme might fit perfectly to a dynamic and progressive young architecture firm. The combination of bold typography, large images, and a pleasurable user experience can give a great introduction to an Architecture Studio. However, the amount of projects that can be displayed seems to be limited to several case studies, which makes this WordPress theme less attractive for larger firms with many projects to show. On the contrary, the limited amount of options and projects can potentially provide a condensed and compact overview of somebodies work. In that regard, Jekeo might be the perfect fit for project groups, young startup studios, and individual project showcases and case studies. The Theme works somehow like a storyteller and could, in that regard, also be used as one.

Since this theme lacks some degree of flexibility, it might not be the perfect choice for everyone. But because of an overall beautiful design approach and the appealing user experience, it might serve some individual purposes and definitely contributes to a remarkable website.



8. Tamashi

A Contemporary Portfolio Theme

Tamashi - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Tamashi is a fresh and modern WordPress Theme, that provides a high amount of flexibility to create an individual and remarkable Architecture Studio Website. The design is refreshing and provides an overall contemporary user experience. The Theme itself is focused on showcasing your projects, your team and your studio in the best way possible, through large images and various portfolio options.  The design creates an easy and casual atmosphere around your work and represents in that regard a perfect fit for young Architecture Firms. The playful and laid-back approach makes this theme a unique and valuable component of the best Architecture WordPress Themes collection. If you resonate with the design language and the super fresh arrangements, Tamashi might be the perfect choice for your Architecture Studio Website.



9. Plate

Creative Agency Theme

Plate - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Plate is a very modern and unique WordPress Theme and in that regard a perfect fit for Architects and Creatives. However, the Theme doesn’t uncover its brilliant design on first sight. There are no listed, pre-built Demos that would show what Plate has to offer beforehand. Instead, you have to go to the main menu inside the Demo and uncover the different layouts for the basic website and the portfolios on your own. Even though Plate doesn’t present itself in a loud and bold manner, it is a special and somehow exquisite Theme that has definitely the potential to create a remarkable Architecture Studio Website. The hidden power of this WordPress Theme lies in the creative design approach, which is totally different from all those standard, run-of-the-mill types of WordPress Themes. The portfolios are beautiful and the different project pages will present your work in a special manner.

The combination and interaction of typography and images lead to a high-quality online experience. The special and somehow experimental design approach feels like a refreshing, beautiful breeze in the wild jungle of so-called “creative” WordPress Themes. The laid-back design and overall coolness make this Theme one of the best Architecture WordPress Themes, that might be slightly overlooked.


10. Sartre

Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives

Sartre - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Sartre is a powerful multipurpose WordPress Theme that holds a significant amount of flexibility to build beautiful and elegant websites. The numerous pre-built demos reveal the various possibilities for the creation of highly individual appearance and endless creative purposes. The Theme has a very modern and clean design, great typography and several options to integrate all kinds of images. The high flexibility in combination with the underlying high-quality design are the two strongest and most significant assets of this WordPress Theme. The overall design is laid-back, yet elegant and professional what makes this theme the perfect fit for architects and all kinds of creative professionals. Sartre has the ability to emphasize and highlight your work and to create a professional Architecture Website around your precious conceptions.



11. Orio

A creative Portfolio & Agency Theme

Orio - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Orio is a very well crafted WordPress Theme that is primarily focused on presenting your studio and your work in the best way possible. The theme is beautifully designed and has a very elegant and clean look. The design itself isn’t afraid to take a step back and let your work speak for itself. For example, the different project showcases are amazingly arranged. The bold images and the thoughtfully placed typography create a valuable surrounding for any creative project. Furthermore, the theme provides an enjoyable online experience, that will result in a pleasurable journey for any visitor to discover the work and the people behind your Architecture Studio. Browsing through projects and pages feels smooth and fun.

Orio is a very special and exquisite WordPress Theme that stands out from the masses and in that way represents an important component of this delicate collection of the best Architecture WordPress Themes.



12. Werkstatt

Creative Portfolio Theme

Werkstatt - Best Architecture WordPress Themes

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Werkstatt is simply an all-time favorite WordPress Theme when it comes to creating Architecture Websites and Portfolios. The Theme was already part of the latest Portfolio Theme Collection since Werkstatt provides a stunning online experience that meets the high requirements of creative, sophisticated professionals. This Theme is amazingly well designed and in that regard perfect for Architecture Websites. Besides the high-quality design, it is ultra flexible and diverse when it comes to building various kinds of websites. The pre-built demos will give you a good feeling what Werkstatt is able to do. The design, in general, has a more playful approach but can be elegant, minimal and serious at the same time.

Werkstatt is a refreshing, modern WordPress Theme that creates great opportunities to generate equally fresh and elegant, contemporary websites for Architecture Studios and Creative Agencies. This multipurpose Theme is easily one of the best Architecture WordPress Themes. Make sure that you check out the other demos as well because there are so many more amazing ones left.


The 12 best from 1,000 +

From more than 1,000 items of available “Agency WordPress Themes” on, we invested a significant amount of time and several rounds of evaluation to be able to distill the previously presented 12 Themes that meet the high requirements of creative, sophisticated professionals.

Now it is only up to.

You decide with which Theme you resonate the most, according to your individual vision and values. In any case, every WordPress Theme of the collection is a worthy fit for a contemporary modern Architecture Website.


Enjoy creating.

Hopefully, you found something you can take away with you. Maybe you discovered a Theme for your new Architecture Website, maybe you got a better idea of what your future WordPress Theme should look like. Anyway, enjoy creating.


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