The definite 10 Best Photography WordPress Themes (Architect’s Edition) #03

Find the seriously best Photography WordPress Themes that aren’t afraid to let your work speak for itself.

Distilled through hundreds of themes you’ll find only the cleanest and most elegant ones for your individual Photography. However, before we could find the best Photography WordPress Themes, we had to define what identifies high quality and good design.


Provide the right surrounding

The surrounding in which images are presented has an incredible amount of influence on how someone evaluates somebodies work and what he feels while perceiving it. A good image can be devalued by an unsuitable surrounding, due to the overall impression of the scene. The web is ridiculously fast and people decide within seconds, whether they like the scene of your website or not. In comparison to an exhibition, the cost of changing to something else, hence to dump your website, is incredibly low online.

Take some time to choose the right surrounding for your photos. In the best case, the surrounding creates an atmosphere that supports and enhances the perception of your Photography.



What are the best Photography WordPress Themes supposed to have?

– Fast image load

Nothing is more annoying than waiting seconds for a new image to show up, especially when it comes to large-scale images. The speed depends, of course, on other factors as well, but if the theme isn’t optimized for speed in the first place, everything else is neglectable.

– Minimal and Clean design

To focus on your photos, not on the theme itself.

– Large Images

Or at least providing the opportunity to extend to a larger image size.

– Great Galleries

There are many ways to show photos, the galleries should be appealing.

– User-friendly experience

Hence, intuitive and easy to use. The user should be able to glide smoothly through your curated work of photos and images without feeling lost or unpleasant.

– Nice and subtle typography

Typography is like a hidden superpower in combination with a nice and clean theme. A well-designed typo will create a feeling of value and significance.

– Landing Page

The Theme intro should excite everybody’s curiosity in the beginning within the first impressions and first few clicks.

– Spread a feeling of high value

Get the user hooked with a feeling of quality through both: The website itself and your first photo samples.

– Consistent design language

Everything should feel like you put in the work and care to craft a concept that follows a constant design approach.


Overall, the theme should be able to provide the boundary for your work and not stand out with loud effects and fancy design tweaks that would rather compete with your own work.


Museums and Themes?!

Ever wondered why the inside of a museum looks so clean and minimal with its white color and large rooms? It seems like the interior is providing ridiculously much space for a single image. The architecture doesn’t try to compete with the piece of art that is shown. Even though the museum might be a piece of art and architecture itself, it steps back in change for the right atmosphere. All that space and reduction provides a surrounding that feels valuable and appropriate.

That is equivalent with a photography theme. Your photos should be the center of attention. The Theme is like a museum from the inside. Providing the space and guidance through the exhibition, giving little comments and let the work speak for itself.


Less is (again) more

In my opinion that can only be achieved, when the theme is confident enough to step back and let the images speak for themselves. Unfortunately, most photography themes don’t follow that idea and try to be as fancy as possible and in that way being totally inconsistent in their design approach by mixing typography, effects, and menus. In the end, that does nothing for the user experience and will only result in high bounce rates, because people can’t get a grip on your work in the first place. You don’t want to discourage new visitors with a loud and cluttered theme design that tries to catch the users attention at any price. That won’t work. Let your photos speak for themselves.


The sum

A Photography WordPress Theme should be simple yet elegant in its reduction and typography. Providing a laid-back design with a strong focus on your work. Finally, being able to browse intuitively through your work – as easy as flipping through a coffee table book.


The definite best ones

Especially in the wild jungle of photography themes, there are many scary examples of what you shouldn’t use for your work. By searching through hundreds of themes over a couple of weeks, we came up with the few nuggets that we proudly call “The definite 10 Best Photography WordPress Themes” as an Architect’s Edition. Those ones are really well crafted and designed with care. If you are looking for a suitable surrounding of your work, I highly recommend to check out the following Photography WordPress Themes.

Don’t get confused by the type of images that are used to illustrate the themes. Some of them are basically fashion images. Since photography covers many professions and fields, we curated the best Photography WordPress Themes by their ability to provide a stunning online experience, not by what type of profession they come from.


Your exhibition hall

No matter what the particular subject is, evaluate the following themes like a museum for yourself. Imagine them as the exhibition hall for your photos and anticipate your own photos instead. That will give you a good feeling whether they provide what you are searching for.

No matter what, all of the following Photography WordPress Themes will do a great job to provide a unique online experience around your work.



1. Fierce

A Bold Photography Theme

Fierce Best Photography WordPress Themes

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Fierce is a very powerful Photography Theme especially made with the end-user, the Photographer in mind. The authors created a successful theme that is extensively diverse and flexible, while keeping a beautiful and consistent design language throughout every option and detail. Fierce is special in a way, that it offers many options and layout possibilities without compromising on thoughtful design. The many demos and previews make it is easy to imagine how beautiful any Photography Portfolio could look with Fierce. The Theme gives you every option to customize the fonts, colors, layouts and post styles to your very individual Photography Portfolio. The consistency in design and quality makes this item easily one of the best Photography WordPress Themes out there.


2. Erwitt

A Professional Photography Portfolio

Erwitt Best Photography WordPress Themes

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Erwitt is a nicely designed, laid-back, elegant Photography Theme. What I like most about this theme, is the intuitive approach to the user experience and the clear design. The large portfolio previews every photo of a series, which makes it easy to find your way through large amounts of photos in a very short time. Browsing through Photos in large-scale mode is amazingly smooth! There may be not that many options for customization in terms of layouts but that makes it so powerful at the same time. Erwitt already provides a beautiful framework for any Photography Portfolio without crazy customization. The demos show that this Theme is convertible enough to create many different scenes for your photos by changing colors and details.

All in all, Erwitt creates a beautiful surrounding for your Photography because of its elegant and minimal approach to let your Photos speak for them- selves. Absolutely one of the best Photography WordPress Themes in our collection.


3. TwoFold

Fullscreen Photography Theme

TwoFold Best Photography WordPress Themes


Learn more / All DemosHosting

TwoFold is an amazingly flexible WordPress Theme. Nevertheless, the design doesn’t try to compete with the images. Instead, everything looks very clean and elegant, which makes it the perfect fit. Because of its flexibility and its ability to handle large amounts of photos, TwoFold especially great for the professional photographer. The richness of galleries, albums, and collections makes it possible to present many images in a very structured and appealing way. Nearly everything is customizable, what leads to a large variety of possible outcomes. You are able to create your individual idea of a Photography Portfolio with a variety of options and layouts.

On top, you are able to secure specific areas with a password for some of your clients and your are able to sell your images directly on your website. TwoFold is made for photographers and comes along with a laid-back design, high flexibility and bold images to win your visitors. Highly-recommending this theme as a super smart definite best WordPress Portfolio Theme.


4. Zenit 

A Crisp and Clean Photography Theme

Zenit Best Photography WordPress Themes

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Zenit is one of those great themes, that will make you smile. It comes along as a beautiful white canvas, segmented into a few well-proportioned areas and highlighted with a perfectly minimal navigation menu. Opening Zenit reminds me of the “museum metaphor”, mentioned earlier, because the design leaves enough space and provides only as little guidance and interruption as possible. The Theme provides 15 remarkable homepages that you can start with and even go on from there into further customization. In that way, Zenit illustrates how flexible and adaptive the design can be to your individual requirements.

On top, you’ll find a Photo Proofing area, that can be password secured for your client’s eyes only. Another option is the ability to create a Stock photo download area within your theme, which is a nice feature. Since became so popular by providing Free Stock Photos, the idea to give away high-res images for free is still growing online. Zenit is made especially with the photographer in mind and in that regard, this Theme provides everything you need.


5. Siena 

Aesthetic Photography Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Siena Best Photography WordPress Themes

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Sienna is a quite minimal Photography WordPress Theme that is focused on simplifying the user experience. The ingredients are a very clean yet elegant typography menu, large images and different variations for portfolio layouts. That leads to many possible outcomes and combinations for the overall design of your website. Besides, you’ll find an integrated WooComerce and Shopify Shop to sell your photo right away. The black and white mode allows you to switch scenes and to create different atmospheres. However, a white wall will be in most cases the right fit for your online appearance. As always, go ahead and browse through the demos to get a feeling what this theme could do for you.



 A Witty Photography WordPress Theme

Noah Best Photography WordPress Themes


Learn more / DemoHosting

Noah is an amazing Photography WordPress Theme that is just beautiful in its simplicity. Since all unnecessary clutter was erased, you’ll find a clean but highly elegant design. The user experience is smooth and intuitive. Browsing through collections of photos feels very fluent and absolutely enjoyable. The design does a great job by providing an elegant surrounding that feels valuable and appropriate.

The opening of a photo offers you the choice to browse easily through more photos of the same collection or to jump to another project that is shown below. The structure of this theme provides a deep overview of somebodies work in a short amount of time and within an enjoyable flow. The reduction of the design is amazingly sharp and perfect for any Photography Portfolio. Even though the price might be a little bit more expensive than the average theme, I think it is definitely worth it. Noah is by far one of the best Photography WordPress Themes.


7. Umbrella

Photography WordPress Theme

Umbrella Best Photography WordPress Themes

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Umbrella is a beautiful photography theme, yet special in its own way because of its very high amount of reduction to a minimum of choices. The full-screen images are beautiful and the minimal menu design creates a valuable and highly creative surrounding for every photography. The reduction feels enjoyable because of the intense focus on the photo itself. At the same time, Umbrella might not be the right fit for everyone, because of the limited ability to display and browse through larger collections of photos. The theme feels not made to show a lot, but that might be beneficial if you want to focus only on a few images and use your website somehow as a digital business card. Whether you like the design approach or not is totally up to you. In any case, Umbrella provides a nice surrounding for your photography and even for videography.


8. Enso

Minimal Photography and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Enso Best Photography WordPress Themes

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Enso is a very compact and elegantly simple Photography Theme. The Theme isn’t as customizable as others in terms of the layout but provides a solid and appealing surrounding to present your photography with a high content-focus. The less available options for customization can as always be an advantage. The design is already clean and clear and doesn’t need much additional shaping. The font, colors and various other items can be changed and adapted to your preference. Afterward, you are ready to fill the theme with your individual content.

Whether you prefer a highly-customizable or a compact pre-built theme is up to you. In any case, Enso is a beautiful Photography WordPress Theme and presents any photography content in an elegant manner. The strong focus on the image, the design, and its overall structure add him to the collection of one of the best Photography WordPress Themes out there.


9. Calafate

Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate Best Photography WordPress Themes

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Calafate is an amazingly diverse and beautifully designed WordPress Theme for Portfolios of any type. I can’t hide that this Theme is my absolute, all-time favorite WordPress Theme for Architects and Creatives of all professions. On my journey through thousands of themes, Calafate stands out in any way through its quality and careful design approach. The Theme is very flexible and highly customizable but at the same time, the design is constantly amazing no matter what you attempt to create. I haven’t seen many themes that are so consistent in their design language and design quality for every provided detail.

The combination of imagery, typography, and blank space is amazing and creates a scene of high value for your work. Browse through the demo projects and layouts and get a feeling of the design. It shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine how amazing your photography will look with Calafate. This theme is easily one of the best WordPress Portfolio Themes and in that regard, it might also be one of the best Photography WordPress Themes available.

Do you want to know what other creatives built out of Calafate? Check out the showcase of websites using Calafate from creatives, freelancers and agencies all over the world. The variety is amazing.


10. Werkstatt

Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme

Werkstatt Best Photography WordPress Themes

Learn more / Demo / All DemosHosting

Werkstatt is again an outstanding portfolio theme and ranks very high in my all-time favorite Portfolio Themes. The design is highly customizable, amazingly beautiful and thoughtful crafted in every detail. Werkstatt is already part of the collection for the best WordPress Portfolio Themes, but most certainly the Theme will also provide a highly creative and beautiful surrounding for your photography. The interaction of typography, imagery, and layout-design is highly diverse and leads to an incredibly large amount of flexibility without compromising on design quality.

The different layouts for the landing page or website entrance, provide a modern user experience and a beautiful introduction to your individual portfolio. Especially the Text Style, Full-Screen Split, Full Screen – Parallax Demos make me smile because they create an enjoyable and fun process to browse through somebodies work. The minimal yet elegant design of Werkstatt in addition to its flexibility is outstanding and unique. Again, this is easily one of the best WordPress Portfolio Themes and also one of the best Photography WordPress Themes available online.


Enjoy creating.

If you know more amazing Photography Themes, that deserve the rating for one of the “best WordPress Photography Themes” feel free to leave a comment below. Make sure to check out the other Theme Collections and submit your portfolio or website if you like. I’d be happy to see what you created with WordPress.

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