The best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2018 for Architects & Creatives #05

These are by far the most exciting and overall 12 best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2018 for creating cutting-edge Online Portfolios.

Speaking to everybody who is a creative Professional – the following WordPress Themes will make your heart beat faster.

We are thrilled and absolutely excited about this new collection!! It is mind-blowing to see how many fantastic and exquisite Portfolio Themes the year 2018 has to offer. The quality in terms of design and functionality is definitely stunning. It would be hard to distinguish which one is the best since every single WordPress Theme is excellent in its own way.

The following collection is highly diverse in terms of the various design approaches, but what they all have in common is an outstanding design quality and a careful, dedicated execution up to the smallest details.


2018 = New Portfolio

If you are considering to redesign or even to start an online Portfolio, then 2018 might be the perfect year to do so. These 12 Portfolio Themes are breathtaking and special in their very individual design approaches. They range from refreshingly playful to highly minimal and elegant and everything in between.


Best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2018

The best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2018 are not only beautifully designed but moreover, all of them provide an enjoyable online experience and allow in that regard to create a contemporary online Portfolio.

Every single theme that we present in this collection is carefully selected and hand-picked, resulting from a devoted process of constant evaluation. Especially Architects and creative Professional will appreciate the careful design and execution of any of the following Themes.

Since we describe every theme briefly and try to emphasize the characteristic features, we realized that most of the superlatives apply to all of them. These themes are state of the art and your tool of choice if you want to create a contemporary online Portfolio.


#1 Guide for choosing a new Theme

Just recently we published a comprehensive guide for choosing a new WordPress Theme because selecting the right one is a crucial step on your way to a stunning new website. In this context, we also examined what makes a truly good website and set the criteria by which we evaluate every WordPress Theme. Feel free to check out the Guide before you settle for a specific theme. In any case, take your time and check carefully which one fits best with your vision.


Need some Inspiration or Help?

If you need some inspiration up front, you might want to check our latest post about “The most innovative best Architecture Websites of 2018” and see what the industry leading professionals created for their Architecture Studios.

In case you need help to get started or for the initial setup, say Hello or check out our comprehensive Step by Step Guide. If you still don’t know why the heck this might be a good idea and how this will boost your architecture career, read this!

Enjoy creating.



1. Anders

A Contemporary Portfolio Theme

Anders Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Anders is one of my favorite multipurpose Portfolio Themes of 2018. In German, the expression “Anders” means different, which might be or might not be intended by the authors. Nevertheless, the description “different” fits perfectly in a very positive kind of way. The quality and uniqueness of the design language, the diversity of pre-built layouts – everything in this Theme is special and very pleasant in a refreshing new way. I love the interactive links demo, the case study showcase, or the masonry portfolio. It is sensible that the creators put a significant amount of care and energy into making this theme a remarkable experience with a high-quality approach up to the smallest details.

Anders enables you to create a contemporary online Portfolio with a great user experience, modern design and typography and an overall highly creative look. Altogether, Anders is definitely one of the best Portfolio WordPress Themes and provides in that regard a large toolset to create beautiful Architecture Portfolios.



2. Pile

An Uncoventional WordPress Portfolio Theme

Pile Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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If there is one Portfolio Theme to recommend in 2018, then it is Pile. This theme is the perfect tool for any creative who wants to create a remarkable online Portfolio that blows everybody away. In that respect, Pile is priceless, since it works as a comprehensive tool to create absolutely individual portfolio websites. The theme provides a cutting-edge design with beautiful details, lots of flexibility for customization and an overall alluring online experience. If the main demo doesn’t do the trick for you at first sight, then you have to check out their showcase of websites that are built with Pile. The variety of outcomes is thrilling, since the design is awesome in every example, thanks to Pile. Even though the price point might be a little bit higher than the usual theme, what you get is worth every penny, since a good theme is a crucial step and the most important investment for a remarkable Portfolio. All things considered, Pile might even be the best Portfolio WordPress Theme of 2018.

Watch their video on to learn more.



3. Arnold

Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Arnold Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Arnold is a stunningly clean and highly exquisite Portfolio Theme. What is most astonishing is the fact that the design is reduced to a minimum amount of elements since all the possible noise has been eliminated – what leaves a highly elegant and admirable Portfolio Website. The courage to be so consistent in the reduction of the design is remarkable and rare. Arnold is the perfect Portfolio Theme for every creative individual. Everything is carefully designed from typography to image composition, content design and user experience – while keeping the elegance of a modern Portfolio. This theme puts your work in the center of attention and provides a beautiful surrounding and a contemporary atmosphere around your projects. Arnold is by far one of the best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2018 and the perfect fit for an Architecture Portfolio.



4. Art

Simple & Clean WordPress Theme for Creatives

Art Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Art is a creation of the same authors than Arnold (the previously mentioned Theme) and is in that regard equally clean and minimal. Art is a beauty in every kind of way and it would be hard to distinguish which one is more alluring. The design approach is similar, though Art has a different layout and looks even cleaner than Arnold (if that is, after all, still possible). The whole look is compelling and satisfies every possible need of a modern Architecture Portfolio. Art will give your work and projects a feeling of high quality and elegance. In that respect, Art is an absolutely timeless, yet highly contemporary and remarkable Portfolio Theme. We are excited!!



5. Tamashi

A Contemporary Portfolio Theme

Tamashi Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Tamashi is a clean and modern WordPress Portfolio Theme with an overall refreshing look. The design can appear to be more or less playful depending on your individual color preferences. By choosing more splashy or rather muted colors you can create different atmospheres within the Theme design. Besides, Tamashi is a highly flexible, multipurpose Theme and gives you many opportunities in terms of customization. You have to check out the multiple pre-built Demos to get a feeling of the power and diversity that lies within this Theme. It is definitely one of the Best Portfolio WordPress Themes since it provides a solid foundation to create highly individual and contemporary online Portfolios for Architects and Creatives.



6. Diorama

A Bold Portfolio Theme for Agencies and Freelancers

Diorama Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Diorama is an exceptional WordPress Portfolio Theme with an amazingly modern user experience and a highly innovative design approach. Especially the Parallax Portfolio and the Interactive Text Demos are representative and exemplary for this innovative approach. Diorama is different in a very beautiful way and definitely far away from being average. The Theme Layout itself is highly flexible and allows many different outcomes and modifications as the many pre-built demos show. The unusual design approach works great for a contemporary and remarkable online Portfolio. If you want to stand out with a recognizable and modern Architecture Portfolio, then you might want to consider using Diorama.



7. Orkan

A Portfolio Theme Made for Designers, Artists and Agencies

Orkan Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Orkan is a creative and more progressive Portfolio Theme. The design isn’t afraid to leave the conventional terrain and in that regard, opens up new ideas of what a modern Portfolio could look like. Due to its large variety of layouts and options, it becomes possible to fall back on a more classic Portfolio design or to pick one of the more courageous design approaches like the interactive links, the fullscreen showcase, or the portfolio columns. Orkan offers everything that a contemporary Portfolio Website needs and proves itself as an all-round talent for creating modern, creative Websites. The design and typography provide bold statements and actually a more expressive appearance. Nevertheless, it leaves enough space for your creative work and serves still as an appropriate surrounding for a modern Architecture Portfolio.



8. Orio

A creative Portfolio & Agency Theme

Orio Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Orio is a very exquisite, elegant and clean Portfolio theme and is in that regard a real beauty. In contrast to the previous Theme, Orio isn’t afraid to step back and let your work speak for itself by providing a beautiful, soft boundary without being pushy at all. This Portfolio theme puts your projects into focus and does everything to provide a remarkable online experience around your work. It is again not the question of that can be added but rather what can be taken away, what makes this theme so special and elegant. The reduction of elements and the perfection of what is there will allow any creative mind to create a modern and stunning Portfolio Website. The design is just enjoyable and the process of swiping through the projects is equally pleasant. Definitely, without any doubt, one of the best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2018.



9. Naix 

Creative & High Performance Portfolio WordPress Theme

Naix Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Naix is again, a multipurpose WordPress Theme with a beautiful design approach and a high flexibility, to build modern Portfolios and Agency Websites. The pre-built layouts and the many options that allow further customization offer a large variety of possible outcomes. Regardless of the rich amount of optionality, this Theme appears to be carefully designed and beautifully executed into every detail. No matter what layout you choose from the pre-built demos or what you create by yourself, you will receive a gorgeous design, based on a modern utilization of typography, pleasing compositions, and an overall enjoyable online experience. This Portfolio theme offers everything a contemporary Portfolio Website should have and is in that regard quite rightly one of the best Portfolio WordPress Themes of 2018.



10. Kapena

Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Kapena Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Kapena is beautiful in its simplicity. This Portfolio Theme doesn’t offer many layouts, in fact, the basic layout is pretty much set. But the result is a clean and modern Portfolio with a great focus on your individual work. The project showcases are beautiful in terms of the design and typography, as well as the easiness by which you can swipe and browse through the different projects. Kapena brings everything to the table that a contemporary Portfolio WordPress Theme is supposed to have. No clutter, beautiful design, and thoughtful typography, great “About” and “Project” Pages and an overall appealing, modern look. If you like a simple yet elegant Portfolio theme, a hassle-free customization and the general approach to a reduced supply of options, you might want to create your future online Portfolio with Kapena.



11. Penumbra

A Contemporary Multi-Concept Portfolio

Penumbra Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Penumbra is a more playful and experimental Portfolio Theme with beautiful layouts and high flexibility. The design comes with a fresh combination of typography, colors and modern user experience effects. In that regard, we love the parallax portfolio, the linked text, and the portfolio metro. The overall approach isn’t as serious and minimal as the previously mentioned themes, but rather playful and bright. The multi-concept idea allows creating many different websites.

The design concept is constantly applied to every detail what leads to an impressive and carefully crafted Portfolio Theme. It is astounding what kinds of different layouts can be created with Penumbra. Overall, the project showcases really emphasize your work and the design provides a rememberable surrounding for your projects, what makes this Theme a valuable part of this collection.



12. Fuego

A Creative Portfolio Theme for Designers and Agencies

Fuego Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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Fuego is a creative, slightly experimental but simultaneously serious Portfolio Theme with lots of flexibility. The pre-built demos will give a good feeling of the powerful options provided by this theme. The design is clean and modern, the layouts have a contemporary look and the interaction of typography and content is successfully executed. We love especially the parallax portfolio and the floating portfolio. Fuego provides an overall appealing surrounding for your projects and is in that regard a great fit for a modern Architecture Portfolio.

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