Architect’s Finest – The best WordPress Themes for Architects of all Time #07

Finally, this is the most sought-after collection – the best WordPress Themes for Architects of all time.

These are the golden nuggets from thousands of professional themes that are circulating around the web – and the only selection of WordPress Themes you will ever need to build your Architecture Website.

Hopefully, this collection gives you a great amount of value and inspiration for the creation of your own, individual Website.


Awesome designs paired with beautiful user experiences

We have come quite a long way, went through myriads of themes and learned a lot about the demands and characteristics of a truly perfect WordPress Theme. Especially, with respect to the high demands of Architects and Creative Minds.

During the last weeks, we’ve already compiled some decent selections for modern Architecture Portfolios, convincing Resumes and stunning Architecture Studio Websites.


Darwinistic Approach

The biggest marketplace for today’s modern and professional WordPress Themes is without any doubt To that day, the platform is offering an unbelievable amount of around 11.540 Themes from authors and creators around the world.

We went through thousands of them during the last weeks. To come up with only what we believe are the truly best ones. Check out our Guide for choosing a new WordPress Theme to learn how we did it.

Every Theme that wasn’t able to fulfill our high standards got rejected, no matter how beautiful it looked in the first place. We followed kind of a Darwinistic Approach, a natural selection, where only the best ones survive. Even though that took a great amount of time, we feel it was worth it and hopefully you do too.


Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – the Natural Selection – states that the inferior members of the same species would gradually die out, leaving only the superior members of the species.

Natural selection is the preservation of a functional advantage that enables a species to compete better in the wild.



The word wild web.  A continuous process of evaluating and distilling from thousands of WordPress Themes brought us here and leaves only the best few on the table. This intense process makes this collection so special and hopefully wildly valuable to any Architect who is looking for a modern Architecture Website.


What to expect?

This collection contains 12+1 WordPress Themes and is segmented into the following categories:

  1. All-Time Favorites
  2. Portfolio Themes
  3. Architecture Studio Website Themes
  4. + Resume Theme

, we uncover our two all Time Favorite WordPress Themes. No matter what you want to build, these two beauties are just perfect for anything.

Second, we show you the six greatest Portfolio Themes ever made – to create a stunning online Portfolio.

Third, we recommend the four truly best WordPress Themes for a highly creative Architecture Studio Website.

On top, fourth and finally, we unveil the only Resume WordPress Theme you will ever need (and want, for that matter).


The power of good design

The Architecture Profession itself has a significant creative output. Every day, ambitious Architects are creating impressive new concepts, designs and visions that deserve an appropriate surrounding. All of your beautiful projects, graphics, and ideas should be part of your individual website.

We believe in the beauty of the digital world and in the power of good design. It has never been easier for everyone to be a part of the wild web. Even more, with the following best WordPress Themes for Architects.

The designs are mind-blowing and thoughtful, the online experiences are absolutely stunning and modern. Any of the following themes will easily lead to a cutting-edge Architecture Website.


Best WordPress Themes for Architects

If you have ever searched for the best WordPress Themes for Architects, we feel you, and hopefully, you will now finally find what you are looking for.

Let’s get started.



All Time Favorites 



1. Calafate

Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

Calafate - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Calafate is an amazingly well and thoughtful designed Portfolio Theme. It’s so easy to say that this is one of our favorites because Calafate simply has it all. The design is minimal and modern in a very contemporary light way. The portfolio pages offer a beautiful variety for the presentation of your projects. The user experience is very intuitive and laid-back, based on great typography, perfect proportions, and an overall beautiful theme design. Calafate is ultimately the perfect choice for a modern Architecture Portfolio and a leading contender to be one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects. Check the real world Showcase to get a sense of what people created with Calafate.


2. Pile

An Uncoventional WordPress Portfolio Theme

Pile - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Pile brings digital Portfolios to a whole new level! The design is carefully handcrafted with one target group in mind: Ambitious Creatives! This theme is just perfect for beautiful modern Architecture Portfolios. It represents the perfect tool for individuality by using a smart layout builder. Get a glimpse of how easy you can individualize your own portfolio. The user experience is remarkably enjoyable and smooth.

Make sure you check out all the beautiful websites that use Pile – because what you will discover is how different and individual they look, although they are all based on the same powerful WordPress Theme. The theme sets the perfect foundation for a cutting-edge online Portfolio while leaving plenty of room for your individual creativity.

With all that power and flexibility under the hood, Pile is our all time favorite and simultaneously one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects.




3. Orio

A creative Portfolio & Agency Theme

Orio - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Orio is another amazing portfolio theme with a well-thought-out layout and an overall appealing design. The structure is distinctly clean and absolutely beautiful with a great composition of elements. The whole theme is carefully designed for creative minds with big expectations. The whole concept is made to make your website stand out from the crowd.

The main portfolio can be displayed in various styles and a lot of details can be customized as well. The typography is perfectly integrated and everything feels entirely flawless.

Above all is Orio an exceptional modern WordPress Theme for Architects that has everything you need to build a top-notch online Portfolio.


4. Arnold

Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Arnold - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Arnold is a minimal Portfolio Theme that is absolutely beautiful in its consequent reduction to the few things that are really necessary. The layout is so clean that it shifts all the focus and attention to your work. The design feels refreshing and the content appears to be much more precious since the perfectly executed reduction to the essence of a portfolio creates an atmosphere of value. This approach to minimalism is typically rare and makes this theme one of the golden nuggets in a world full of cluttered and blatant designs.

The consequent care for a clean structure provides the perfect surrounding for an Architecture Portfolio and in that regard, this theme highly deserves the title of being one of the Best WordPress Themes for Architects.

With Arnold, you will be able to put your work in the center of attention and create a worthy platform for your architectural projects.


5. Art

Simple & Clean WordPress Theme for Creatives


Art - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Art is again a minimal and clean Portfolio Theme that is stripped-down to the essence of good design. In that way, it suits perfectly to Architects and Creatives by providing a calm and valuable surrounding for your projects that might be already thrilling by themselves. Art takes a step back and lets your work speak for itself. With this approach to a reduction of elements comes an achievement of beauty in the overall design and user experience.

Your projects will be wrapped up in a priceless design and clean design so that they can receive all the attention and can speak for themselves.

This theme is made from the same authors than Arnold and has a very similar design language. It is hard to distinguish which one is better since both are brilliant in their own way. Both themes are with good reason one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects.


6. Anders

A Contemporary Portfolio Theme

Anders - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Anders is a very flexible Portfolio Theme with many layout options and lots of space for your individual creativity. Anders means “different” in German and that might or might not be intended to describe the experimental and progressive design approach which fits great with a modern Architecture Portfolio.

The design language is partially powerful and strong but can be minimal and calm as well. The variety of things you can create with this theme is just astonishing. To get a better feeling of what’s possible, you have to check out the different theme demos. The design is fresh and alluring and the approach to be different feels positively appealing and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Anders is a modern Portfolio Theme, perfectly made for Architects and Creatives that are on the lookout for something “different”. This bold and unique approach makes it one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects.


7. Diorama

A Bold Portfolio Theme for Agencies and Freelancers

Diorama - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Diorama is again a much more expressional and progressive Portfolio Theme with an innovative and unique approach. Due to a high level of flexibility, it is possible to create many different outcomes with this WordPress Theme. The Demos provide a solid range from fancy effects and bold intros to relatively minimal portfolio designs. Even though some of you might be deterred by the flashy colors and the striking details, take a closer look at the demos of “Interactive Text Home” and the “Parallax Portfolio“.

They provide a solid modern online Portfolio with a strong visual statement that will catch the user attention. It needs some imaginative power and the awareness that you can change the colors to your own preferences and the idea, that the used demo-images are most certainly way more flashy than your architectural projects.

Admittedly, this theme is the complete opposite of Art and Arnold, which have been previously mentioned. Despite this, it is a beautifully creative WordPress Theme for modern, cutting-edge portfolios. If you like it a bit more expressional, Diorama might be the best WordPress Themes for Architects.


8. Okami

Contemporary Portfolio WordPress Theme 

Okami - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Okami has it all. This theme has the perfect combination of a beautifully minimal design approach and striking visual effects. It is just perfect for a modern online Portfolio and somehow the true allrounder. Due to its high flexibility, everything is possible. All the demo-layouts are indeed eye-candies – beautiful proportions, bold matching typography and a strong emphasis on the content itself, hence your future projects.

There is no doubt that Okami has everything it takes to be the perfect Portfolio Theme for Architects and Creatives and that it is ultimately one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects.

Moreover, it is absolutely sensible that the Authors of Okami put a lot of care and love into the execution of this Portfolio Theme. Everything is matching together perfectly from head to toe, due to a clean and sophisticated design.


Architecture Studio Website


What means Multipurpose?

The following WordPress Themes are called “multipurpose” because they can easily adapt to many different kinds of needs. That is due to a high amount of flexibility in terms of individual customization. They don’t serve a single purpose like a Portfolio Theme, which is primarily created for that exclusive reason, but rather many different purposes at once. Multipurpose Themes allow the modification of various parts and details of the website to create entirely different layouts with one single theme. Usually, the pre-made demos of a given theme will provide you with a good first impression of how diverse things can become.


9. Ombra

A Versatile Multiconcept WordPress Theme

Ombra - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Ombra is one of the most thoughtful designed WordPress Themes when it comes to multipurpose approaches. It is just beautifully crafted, comes with a refreshing but clean and elegant design, great typography and appealing proportions throughout every layout.

The term multipurpose implies that it is made for many different needs. That approach often times leads to a lack of consistency and quality because of the complexity of those themes.

Not Ombra. This theme is perfectly executed from head to toe. It is a best practice for a modern website and provides the perfect framework for architecture studio websites, online portfolios and everything in between. All things considered, this is one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects and Creatives.


10. Klin

Multipurpose Portfolio Theme

Klin - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Klin is a powerful WordPress Theme with lots of flexibility for your individual customization. In this way, it represents the embodiment of a multipurpose approach. The design is sophisticated and crafted with care. Moreover, it is perfectly executed throughout every detail. The minimal, fresh and modern combination of content and typography make this Theme the perfect fit for any creative endeavor. Klin is just ready for any project.

The overall design language isn’t bold as many others, but rather subtle and elegant. The pre-made demos state how convertible and adaptable this theme really is. If you want to build a modern and elegant website for your architecture studio or a powerful online portfolio with some extensions – then Klin is your theme of choice. The design comes with an amazing user experience through many features and a smooth interaction.

Klin, of course, is one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects, especially when a high level of flexibility is in demand.


11. Naix

Creative & High Performance Portfolio WordPress Theme

Naix - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Naix is a true knock-out. This theme is bold and strong in its design language, yet visually clean and elegant. The portfolio layouts are stunning, the project pages put all the attention on your work and the whole online experience emphasizes your content in a very special way.

Naix provides the perfect framework for a contemporary Architecture Studio Website. This theme is incredibly convertible and can adapt in many different ways. The multipurpose approach creates once again a huge range of customization and provides the potential for endless different outcomes.

Choose a demo, strip of the bright colors and choose more muted tones, put in your architectural projects and some content about yourself. What you’ll get is a beautiful, modern Website for your Architecture Studio.


12. Werkstatt

Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Werkstatt - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

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Werkstatt is another example of a beautifully crafted multipurpose Theme that has it all. So far, this theme was part of basically every previous collection because of its excellent fit for Architects and Creatives. Werkstatt provides the perfect toolset to create amazing Studio Websites and online Portfolios. The design approach is thoughtfully executed and the high amount of flexibility leads to a large variety of possible outcomes.

There is no way around, you have to check the various pre-made demos to sense the diversity and quality of this WordPress Theme. It is the perfect combination of flexibility and quality with a beautiful design, strong typography and a striking user experience. This theme lets your work stand out and is definitely one of the best WordPress Themes for Architects and creative minds.


Resume Website



Responsive CV WordPress Theme

Ballard - Best WordPress Themes for Architects

Learn more / Demo / All DemosHosting

Ballard is definitely and easily the smartest, best-designed Resume Theme for creatives of all time. There is nothing else that can compete. The design is beautifully clean and purposeful with a strong focus on your personal content. Finely crafted with an approach to reach beauty through minimalism.

Some people ad details in fear of space and clarity, not Ballard. The details are all stripped-down to a beautiful combination of space and typography. The theme is mainly focused on providing personal information about you, e.g. your resume, news, and a small portfolio. Nothing complicated, but rather on point!

Howsoever, Ballard represents simplicity, quality, and ease in a time of an overwhelming flood of information and imagery. We believe, since it is our #1 choice for an online Resume, it deserves to be part of the collection of the best WordPress Themes for Architects.


Enjoy creating

In line with our approach to the idea that less is more and that quality comes before quantity, we presented 12 themes from thousands – only the golden nuggets, and what we feel are the best WordPress Themes for Architects of all time. When you are considering to build your own Architecture Website, we hope that this will give you the tool and the confidence to start right away.

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