Lego Architecture and the Superpower of Playfulness

Besides all seriousness (that can occupy the daily life of an architect), playfulness shouldn’t come up short.

Often times, tough problems can better be solved, when approaching the issue with a relaxed and open mind – which is usually the case when playfulness replaces intense thinking.

A mind that is engaging in some sort of play is more likely to experience a sense of ease and easiness, than the mind which is put to the test and forced to bring off a result. In that sense, a playful approach can change the state of our minds immediately, even while being in a stressed and crowded corporate environment.

Understand the power of play and find the most amazing Lego Architecture Tools to unleash creativity and win the office!



1. Playfulness is a superpower

Playfulness has the inherent superpower to change the quality of our thoughts and our problem-solving ability by creating a state of mind that is shaped by impartiality, honest curiosity and open-mindedness.

This state creates the foundation for new and potentially unconventional outcomes and can lead to being bold making new connections. Play allows an active engagement in the moment by exploring and not worrying about the result.

Playfulness is directly related to creativity. A playful engagement generates somehow something that is called a flow state. While being in that state, you don’t look onto your watch and you don’t think about time or purpose, because you are just engaged in the present moment.


That state of mind, fueled by play, is a superpower for all corporate environments.


It allows to escape the struggle and to clear the mind for new tasks that lie ahead. Unlike trying to cheer a team up by external incentives, playfulness comes from the inside and has a much bigger influence on our state of mind.

The engagement in a playful activity results from an intrinsic motivation and relieves all kind of positive emotions which build the foundation for creative thinking.


Feel a sense of play in every day

Playfulness is a superpower for all kinds of corporate environments and is especially well suited for architects. Somehow, even in the most casual working environments, the day-to-day business can easily squeeze the play out of work. Feeling a sense of play in every day is easier said than done, since the daily routine of an architecture firm doesn’t always look that playful. Instead, the daily struggle can easily occupy the ease and spirit of a team.

Throwing some lego blocks on a table can unleash that intrinsic motivation to play and activate a new perspective towards problem-solving and a deeper level of creativity.

Incubating a sense of play in every day is an underrated superpower that every architecture firm and creative practice should take advantage of. Accelerate the team spirit by having some serious Lego Collections lying around in your office.


Bjarke Ingels - Lego Architecture
Bjarke Ingels (© @bjarkeingels)

“It is like creating this environment where anything you can imagine you are actually welcome to do it. It is almost similar to the Lego Bricks – you don’t have to follow the recipe, the recipe is just there to get you inspired or get you started.”

(Bjarke Ingels about the design approach for the Lego House in Bilund, Denmark)




Connect People through Lego

If there is one thing every group of people has in common, no matter how diverse they might be: If you throw a few Lego blocks on the table, everybody will be on the same page and people will immediately find common ground. Having something in common brings people closer together, especially if it is something everybody can relate to from their childhoods.


Lego and especially Lego Architecture is a great way to unite people based on a playful approach. It creates the perfect surrounding for creativity and problem-solving.


Utilize Lego Architecture to build models and create tangible ideas. Play in between meetings and play during lunchtime. Put Lego Models on the desk as a simple reminder for playful emotions. Having a look at the lego blocks every now and then can unleash a sense of ease and flow simply by revisiting the emotions that occur during playful activities.

Even if the play happens in the meantime without any purpose, it will cheer up the team spirit and relax the mind for the various challenges that lie ahead.

In the end, Lego and Lego Architecture can be a highly relevant tool to unleash the superpower called playfulness in a very natural and appropriate way.


Watch the RAI NHow Hotel by Rem Koolhaas build with Lego in fast motion:


Happiness fuels Success

Finally, there are studies, that found out, that happiness leads to success, in nearly every domain of our life. Fun and happiness boost creativity and productivity and a lot more.


“If you can raise somebodies level of positivity in the present, that will boost his or her ability to perform on a much higher level. As a result, success rates will increase and work will become more productive, enjoyable and rewarding.”

(Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage )


Certainly, achieving that goal of implementing play into the daily routine, can be done in various ways. However, as architects, Lego Architecture is a wonderful and seamless way to implement play in a very natural and organic way.

Lego Architecture doesn’t cost a fortune, but the benefits are priceless.


Give it a try!




2. Best Lego Architecture Sets

The following sets are the best Lego Architecture sets available out there. We went through all of them and curated the ones that we feel should be part of any architecture practice.


Lego Architecture doesn’t cost a fortune, but the benefits are priceless!


Starting with the Lego Architecture Studio and moving on with iconic buildings recreated with Lego. Complemented with various Lego accessories, bricks and books that will stretch your imagination about what’s possible with Lego.

Enjoy playing!


LEGO Architecture Studio


Lego Architecture Studio
© The LEGO Group


Lego Architecture Studio
© The LEGO Group


The LEGO Architecture Studio on Amazon



Top 5 LEGO Architecture Sets


LEGO Architecture – Farnsworth House

LEGO Architecture - Farnsworth House
© The LEGO Group

The Farnsworth House on Amazon


LEGO House Billund, Denmark (Special Edition Exclusive)


LEGO House Billund, Denmark (Special Edition Exclusive)
© The LEGO Group

The LEGO House Billund (Special Edition) on Amazon



LEGO Architecture – New York City Brick Model Building Set


LEGO Architecture - New York City Brick Model Building Set
© The LEGO Group

The New York City Brick Model Building Set on Amazon


LEGO Architecture – Villa Savoye


LEGO Architecture - Villa Savoye
© The LEGO Group

The Villa Savoye on Amazon


LEGO Architecture – Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


LEGO Architecture – Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
© The LEGO Group

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on Amazon




Lego Block Supply

If you want to ramp up your Lego Block supply, then you might want to buy a few LEGO Classic Gray Baseplates (other colors are possible) and the corresponding LEGO Parts and Pieces.


3 Lego Architecture Books

The following Lego Architecture Books are amazing sources of inspiration and manifest the affiliation between architecture and the playful Lego approach. These amazing books might stretch your imagination about what’s possible to build with Lego. They will look great on any office coffee table! On top, they can bring the mind from seriousness to ease just by flicking through and they might come in handy for the next office Lego party.

Give your imagination a push and dive into the world where Lego meets architecture.


1. The LEGO Architect


The LEGO Architect by Tom Alphin - Lego Architecture
© The LEGO Architect

The LEGO Architect

by Tom Alphin

Go to Amazon Page

“Travel through the history of architecture in The LEGO Architect. You’ll learn about styles like Art Deco, Modernism, and High-Tech, and find inspiration in galleries of LEGO models. Then take your turn building 12 models in a variety of styles. Snap together some bricks and learn architecture the fun way!” (Source:


2. Brick City


Brick City - Global Icons to Make from LEGO by Warren Elsmore - Lego Architecture
© Brick City

Brick City: Global Icons to Make from LEGO 

by Warren Elsmore

Go to Amazon Page

“Brick City is a model builder’s festival in book form. What lends special distinction to the models is the way they’re constructed. Each is made entirely of LEGO bricks! Known for decades as a favorite children’s toy, LEGO bricks have entered the adult model builder’s repertoire in recent years. Author and model maker Warren Elsmore presents instructions for neophyte LEGO modelers plus plans for constructing specific buildings and landmarks, along with vivid photos of completed LEGO models. ” (Source:


3. Lego Architecture – The Visual Guide


LEGO Architecture - The Visual Guide by Philip Wilkinson - Lego Architecture
© LEGO Architecture – The Visual Guide

LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide

by Philip Wilkinson

Go to Amazon Page

“Created in close collaboration with The LEGO Group and Adam Reed Tucker, LEGO Architecture visionary, LEGO Architecture – The Visual Guide takes a deep look at the artists, builders, and inspiration behind the LEGO Architecture series. Beautifully illustrated and annotated, this visual guide allows you to explore the LEGO team’s creative process in building and understand how LEGO artists translated such iconic buildings into these buildable LEGO sets.” (Source:


Brik Book Laptop Case

The World’s Most Creative Office

“Finally, an office you can make your own! The patented BRIK clip-on MacBook case can be customized over and over again. You’ll never run out of cool things to build :)” (Brik Book)

Learn more about the Brik Book at Get your laptop case for Mac and Windows and create an office playground on the wall and on any laptop case with the Brik Building Kits.

Finally, make sure you check out This website is about a Group of LEGO enthusiasts building models of architecture by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). For this purpose, they joined forces from around the world to build LEGO models of buildings from Denmark, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Bahamas, Taiwan, China and the United States.


Their model of the Amager Resource Center is currently on display in the foyer of LEGO House in Billund. ©


Enjoy playing.

Hopefully, you could find some value in the idea of playfulness as a superpower for creative office environments. We’d be happy to see what you created with lego architecture or how you use it in your architecture practice.

Let us know in the comments or Say Hello! Photos from your Lego Architecture creations are highly welcome!


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