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1. What are you going to get?

Making it easier for you to work smarter and move forward! With that focus in mind, we aim to deliver new Ideas and Inspiration referring to our mission to inspire and empower you to move forward in a dynamic world. We might inform you about new articles or updates on the blog and related news that we feel, could be relevant for you to thrive tomorrow!


2. How often will you receive The monthly Archiitect?

As the name might already suggest, you will receive our Newsletter approximately once per month, always on the 1st Monday.


3. Use of MailChimp

In order to deliver “The Monthly Archiitect” right to your email inbox, we use MailChimp, where your email address and other information necessary for sending and analyzing the Newsletter will be saved.


4. Double Opt-In and Opt-Out

You will receive an email to confirm your email address since according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we need a confirmation, that your email address is actually yours and not from somebody else. That is a so-called “Double-Opt-In” email, where you are asked to confirm your intention to receive a Newsletter from us.

However, you can dissent from the receipt of “The monthly Archiitect” at any given time. That is so-called “Opt-Out” and can be done via a Link, that can be found at the bottom of every Newsletter and also in the previously mentioned “Double-Opt-In” email.


5. Statistics and Measurements

In order to optimize “The monthly Archiitect” for you, we measure how often the Newsletter is generally opened and further which links the reader clicks on. In that way, we learn which information is really relevant to you and which ones might not be that interesting – with the intent to craft an even better experience. By submitting your email address you consent to our evaluation of data.


6. Data Privacy Statements

For more detailed information on the transmission of our Newsletter and the statistics, as well as on your options to recall, please take a closer look at our Privacy Policy.


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