Why every Architect should have an online Architecture Portfolio

Every Architect should have an online Architecture Portfolio. At whatever professional stage you are right now in your career…

… you should definitely be present online with your own online Portfolio.

Showing who you are and what you have to offer is crucial in a digitalized world. Besides, it has never been easier and cheaper to set up your own website.


Online Architecture Portfolio = No coding 

You don’t need to know anything about coding and more important you don’t need to pay much money to come up with a good design that matches your expectations.

Whether you are a student who is looking for an internship at a renown firm, or an entry job position after graduation, or if you are a young aspiring architect who is about to open his own practice, either way, you need to be present online to showcase your work. Certainly, in both cases, there is only little budget to start and that is where WordPress comes into play.


Benefits of Networking

Since nearly everybody has a smartphone these days, nearly everyone is connected to the internet 24/7. That means, if you aren’t visible there, you aren’t existing. That is even more true for firms, but also as a student you should consider to set up a simple portfolio with a few words about yourself and a collection of projects. That might help for your next job/internship application or you might be requested directly by someone through your website. It is also a pleasant way to network. Since you don’t carry your CV with you all the time, you can easily set up a small business card with the link to your portfolio. You can even write it down on a napkin after lunch and link people to your website.


Make sure to craft your online architecture portfolio with care

People will immediately get a feeling for who you are and what you stand for when browsing through your site and your projects. Since we are all visual people with only few time, we want to get all the necessary information within minutes and presented with an appealing design.

Be aware that the way you present yourself says a lot about you. As often in life, the details matter. Visiting a website can feel kind of reading a peoples body language. Everyone can try to show off and impress, but what your counterpart really perceives is written between the lines. That is the reason why you should craft your digital appearance with care.

A lot of creatives use the Domain „.me“ to address their site. Using this simple and timeless domain „www.yourname.me“ is an easy way to start without spending hours thinking about a fancy web domain that might look stupid a few months later.


People will inevitably “google” you

Every time you get in touch with people on a professional level, they might tend to google your name. Having a nice portfolio can be impressive and is 100% worthwhile. As mentioned before, be aware that you can communicate a lot „between the lines“ by having a nicely designed website. People will get a feeling of your person, and when it is convincing, that can do a lot for your reputation.

When I applied for a job in New York, it was definitely supportive to be able to add a link to my application and to give them the chance to access my portfolio from every device. Furthermore, it shows your individual engagement and you can use your web portfolio to be ahead of others regarding the competition on the job market.

Finding clients can be equally challenging when starting out as a young firm. But even when the leftover budget might be tiny, setting up an online portfolio should be one of the first steps. Even better when you started early with your own portfolio because then you can build upon it. Whenever you talk to a potential client, they might google you or your firm afterward to get some first impressions about your work and whether they feel confident about working with you. Google is always just a few clicks away.


The Evolution of Technology

Years ago, you would have had to hire a web developer and you would have spent a significant amount of money to get yourself a website. That website was then hard to maintain and hard to keep up to date because it required a significant amount of knowledge about coding. Since the web evolved, a lot of things that have been very complex before, are now easily and cheaply accessible for everyone.

Nowadays, you don’t need an understanding of coding to create your own website and you can maintain your site and create content from any device easily with no coding required. Everything you need can be done smoothly with WordPress. Check our resources and other posts to get started and gain traction.

Getting familiar with technology like WordPress will help you in the long run. It shows your overall engagement and your willingness to learn and grow. It enhances your understanding of the web and that might pay off in the future.



In a digitalized world, it is crucial to be present online. Especially for people who are creating visual and physical products. People will inevitable google you. Having a nicely crafted online architecture portfolio can really build a huge amount of trust upfront. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, employed, or self-employed. Your online portfolio is a digital source of reputation that everyone can access within seconds. On top, you can create a relationship without having an in-person conversation, only by giving people insights into your work and life. Here is the advice: Start early, keep growing. Show your work and spread ideas. If you want to grow yourself and your career faster than others, create your own online architecture portfolio.


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