Every Architect should have an online Architecture Portfolio! Here is why …

Grow your reputation and build trust upfront with an architecture online portfolio. Share your work and thoughts with the world and give people a good reason to feel confident about working with you.

At whatever professional stage you are right now in your career you should definitely be present online with your own online Architecture Portfolio. Showing who you are and what you have to offer is crucial in a digitalized world. Besides, it has never been easier and cheaper to set up your own website.


Unlock the benefits

In this article, we will uncover all the obvious and the more surprising benefits that can result from sharing your work and thoughts with the world. Being present online can become a major asset for your career and in a “google driven generation” and is, therefore, an indispensable part of the creative craft.


What’s in it for you?

1. Establish and grow your reputation

2. Stand out from the crowd

3. It has never been easier = No coding required

4. Understand the dynamics of the web

5. BONUS: Grow your skill set for the future of Work




1. Establish and grow your reputation

First and foremost, the strongest benefit of having a carefully crafted architecture online portfolio might be the potential of establishing and growing your reputation without any in-person interaction.


Building trust upfront

There is no better way to build trust upfront without ever seeing each other, than showing people a convincing online Portfolio that gets everybody hooked.

Everything you show and the way everything fits together, all that builds up a larger picture around your personality and your skillset. On top of that, an online portfolio allows you to send people a link to your Portfolio before you meet them in person and in that way build trust upfront.

If you are able to share a link to your portfolio and then meet the other person a couple of days later – he or she will most likely arrive with a pre-generated picture of you. If done correctly, that creates valuable trust upfront and builds up an initial foundation to an otherwise stranger. The trust that was built up front will most likely better the outcome of your meeting.


The Benefits for Networking

Moreover, sharing the link to your portfolio during an in-person conversation is also a pleasant and beneficial way to network since you don’t carry your CV with you all the time. You can easily set up a small business card with the link to your portfolio. You can even write it down on a napkin after lunch. Having an online architecture Portfolio up and running opens up many smart and convenient ways to drive people to your site.

Having a well-crafted website is a basic requirement for every architecture firm, but also as a student or an employee, you should consider to set up, at least a simple online portfolio with a few words about yourself and a collection of projects. Start early, grow your portfolio and grow your reputation by taking advantage of today’s interconnectedness.

When I applied for a job in New York, it was definitely supportive to be able to add a link to my application and to give them the chance to access my portfolio from every device. Maybe even from home. Since job applications usually don’t fit into a busy workday of an architecture firm, being able to check your portfolio within a more pleasant surrounding can boost your chances of getting the job.


Generation Google

Besides intentionally sharing your portfolio, there is another scenario that can happen. Every time you get in touch with people on a professional level, they will potentially google you afterward. Everybody has a smartphone these days and everybody is connected to the internet 24/7 out of pocket. If you aren’t visible online, you aren’t existing.

An online portfolio extends the boundaries of a printed brochure or a pdf-file and allows everybody to discover your work whenever, wherever they want and from any device. Furthermore, it shows your individual commitment, makes you stand out of the crowd and will get you ahead on the job market.


“Give people a reason to feel confident about working with you!”


Your online architecture portfolio is a precious tool in an interconnected world. Not having one will leave a lot of career potential unexploited. Google is always just a few clicks away. Craft your portfolio today and give people a reason to feel confident about working with you.


Share your work & ideas

The concept of sharing ideas with the world might be an underrated asset because the benefits aren’t obvious to most people. However, sharing content through your website will most likely increase awareness for yourself or your firm and might raise your reputation in a significant way. As a result, people might turn from interested visitors, into raving fans and ultimately into multipliers for your reputation.

During all phases of your architecture career, you are heavily creating projects, concepts, graphics, drawings, writings … The bottom line is, that you are investing an enormous amount of energy into the creative process.


Why should all your projects end up in the drawer when they can be shared online and leverage your career in an almost magical way?


Check out the most exciting best Architecture Websites of 2019 and get a glimpse of how the most renown firms share their work.


2. Stand out from the crowd

In any way, having a convincing architecture online portfolio will help you to stand out in all phases of your career. Maybe it is the trust you are able to build upfront or the competitive edge you are able to gain, compared to other people within your profession. Creating your individual online architecture portfolio shows your overall engagement and your willingness to learn and grow.


Your online Portfolio says to all future employers:

Hey, I was faced with a problem in which I had no strong expertise, but I managed to find the sources of information I needed, dug deeper and finally solved the problem by creating a beautiful online Portfolio.


I can work independently, be creative when it comes to problem-solving, if I don’t have the information I am able to find who has them, I am curious and I get things done.


Besides, building up your skill set around WordPress can be beneficial anyway. Since the world will become much more digital, connected and technical, also Architects and Creatives need to adapt and expand their level of competence into these adjacent fields of digitalization. Being equipped with some solid experiences might accelerate your growth and your understanding of a bigger picture and in that way, to stay on the cutting edge in a fast-changing world. It enhances your understanding of the web and that might pay off in the future.

Start early and stand out. Leverage the web and connect with the world!


3. Online Architecture Portfolio No coding 

You don’t need to know anything about coding and more important you don’t need to pay much money to come up with a good design that matches your expectations.

Whether you are a student who is looking for an internship at a renown firm, or an entry job position after graduation. Or whether you are a young aspiring architect who is about to open his own practice, either way, you need to be present online to showcase your work. Certainly, in both cases, there is only little budget to start and that is where WordPress comes into play.

Creating your personal online architecture portfolio has never been easier in history and at the same time, the benefits are more priceless than ever.


Create your online
Architecture Portfolio here!


If you need a place to start your design endeavor, you may find it easier to take your classic offline portfolio as an initial starting point. Since you sort of already figured out a design in terms of color, typography and layout style, it may be obvious to start from there. If you need some inspiration for amazing offline portfolios, take a look at the Best Architecture Portfolio Examples, Covers, and Designs. However, as soon as you brought your portfolio online, you are able to keep it current and easily shareable with the world.


4. Understand the dynamics of the web

The web is an almost magical place. If you understand the dynamics you can use them to your advantage.


The Evolution of Technology

Years ago, you would have had to hire a web developer and you would have to spend a significant amount of money to get yourself a decent website. That website was then hard to maintain and hard to keep up to date because it required a significant amount of knowledge about coding. Since the web evolved, a lot of things that have been very complex before, are now easily and cheaply accessible for everyone.

Nowadays, you don’t need an understanding of coding to create your own website and you can maintain your site and create content from any device easily without any coding required. Everything you need can be done smoothly with WordPress.


5. BONUS: Grow your skill set for the future of Work

If you are still asking yourself, “why should I throw myself into it and start creating an online architecture portfolio”, which is probably not your main profession and expertise, here are some related ideas that might fuel the fire:
Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of work. Personally, from my point of view, there will be two things that will determine your success in the future besides your professional orientation:


1. Curiosity:

Living with a strong curiosity towards life, your profession and adjacent fields of that profession. Being able to learn and grow by navigating through endless streams of information. Develop the ability to dig deep and fast into a topic and filter information in a productive way. Sort out what’s good, apply it, and move on.


2. Big picture thinking:

Being able to understand the world outside the scope of your profession. Having the ability to step back and connect the dots. Seeing things from a larger perspective and that ultimately requires to learn and grow continuously. Again and again.


Throw yourself into it and create your online architecture Portfolio.


Creating your individual online portfolio will definitely be worthwhile and unlock all the mentioned benefits of being part of the web. Besides, it proves that you are curious and that you are looking for a bigger picture and above the boundaries of your original profession.

In case you might not know where to start and need some help and advice on the way, check out the Guide on how to create your architecture online portfolio and start growing your skillset today.




In a digitalized world, it is crucial to be present online. Especially for people who are creating visual and physical products. People will inevitable google you. Having a nicely crafted online architecture portfolio can really build a huge amount of trust upfront. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, employed, or self-employed. Your online portfolio is a digital source of reputation that everyone can access within seconds. On top, you can create a relationship without having an in-person conversation, only by giving people insights into your work and life. Here is the advice: Start early, keep growing. Show your work and spread ideas. If you want to grow yourself and your career faster than others, create your own online architecture portfolio.


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