Fieldwork is a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio.


About: “We believe in an active architecture that both shapes and is shaped by social, political, aesthetic, emotional and economic forces. We practice architecture as a living form that is agile and enduring, poetic and pragmatic, precise and optimistic: sensitive to the evolving needs of its inhabitants within a shifting local and global context.” (Source:


The architecture website from Fieldworks is the perfect example of an amazing portfolio website. The design is minimalistic and elegant. The essentials are the composition of a bold logo, stunning architecture project photos, and a flowing portfolio style. The website works great on all devices and creates a pleasing canvas for the studio’s project showcase. The reduction feels refreshing and it is a joy to browse all the stunning projects from Fieldwork’s architectural legacy. The infinite scroll on the end of the project pages is sensational and brings you always back to the portfolio. Great architecture website!


Make sure to check out their work on the website as well as on their social media profiles down below.

Fieldwork Best Architecture Website

Instagram: @fieldwork_architects


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